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Wolf's Bane - Sunday

Again I want to apologise for my annoying coughing if you were near me. I’m sorry, trust me it annoys me just as much.

Sunday started off great again. When I arrived they were playing the Pilot on the big screen in the main stage.

After that the first Q&A got started with JR, Melissa and Linden. Absolutely hilarious and a lot of great questions and amazing answers.

JR had a great answer when they were asked about their spouses and how they met, he said that he personally thinks (his own headcanon) is that the Argents being one of the oldest and most powerful hunting families, that Victoria was from a similar family and they were a very good match, a perfect leader in Victoria and a perfect warrior in Chris.

Melissa said that she didn’t know for sure either but she’s always thought that Melissa and Scott’s Dad had Scott very young and were young parents and with whatever happened to make Scott’s dad split, it happened fast and Melissa just had to hold it altogether and keep going, just her and Scott.

Linden was saying that the Sheriff is Beacon Hills born and bred and that his wife was it. She was just the one and even though she’s been gone some years now, the Sheriff is still married.

Hoechlin’s Q&A was so much fun. He was great and there were a lot of awesome character driven questions.

[Angry side note: a convention and interaction with the actors is not the place for your character hate. You’re entitled to your opinion but leave it on your tumblr.]

Anyway, I think my favourite was when someone asked Hoechlin what he thought Derek would be like as a dad. Hoechlin said he thought Derek would be a good dad, very stern and overprotective but completely tender and loving when he needed to be. It also combined with another answer or what would make Derek happiest and Hoechlin was saying that he sees Derek as the kind of guy to be happy with a place with a lot of land, like a ranch, with a small close knit family or pack around him. If that isn’t the sweetest thing ever then I don’t even.

After Hoechlin was the three boys again, Stephen, Keahu and Sinqua. Another absolutely hilarious hour where we learned a lot. Sinqua did a lot of reading and research when preparing to play Lancelot and got a lot of positive signs and feedback when he was auditioning for Boyd.

Stephen would love to play on of the Solo boys in a Star Wars movie, he told us when asked about iconic characters he wanted to play and when some asked Stephen & Keahu if anything might have happened between Matt & Danny if Matt hadn’t a) died b) have an obsession with Allison and c) wasn’t totally straight and Stephen said that he actually played Matt as Bi, which awesome! But in the end I think the conclusion is that a boy that takes over a police station to kills a bunch of people isn’t boyfriend material.

Keahu said he’d like to see a flashback with the kids in elementary school age, mainly because he wants to see who they’d cast.

Next was getting autographs!!

Saying Hoechlin is a sweetheart is like announcing grass is green but he is. I asked if he was having fun and he said he was, he loved London and its great to be here with his friends as well.

Sinqua was gorgeous, I told him how I traumatised my sister with my hissy fit after Boyd’s death and he told me that others are saying they’re going to start a petition to bring Boyd back to life.

Stephen is a cutie, he wrote “shoot first” on my auto and he complimented my dress!!!

Linden was so nice! He asked me where I was from (noticed my accent I think) and when I said Australia, he told me he went there a long time ago. So I told him he was due for another visit!

Melissa was gorgeous too! She called me Superwoman (cause I wore a \S/ shirt in our photo. She’s so sweet.

Keahu was lovely. We chatted about how the con is fun but it tires you out. I told him I hoped he got the chance to have some chill out time but he said he doesn’t, poor thing has to be on a plane back straight away to work on Tuesday.

JR is so lovely too! He asked me my favourite part and I told him that the Q&A’s were hilarious. I thanked him and said goodbye and he called me sweetheart!!!!

Last panel thing was with everyone and was something called the Pivot Questionnaire that apparently they do at the end of interviews on the show Inside the Actors Studio apparently. It was frickin’ hilarious. There were some side splitting funny answers and some really beautiful heartfelt ones. There was a favourite swear word and just in case you’re like me and want to know what they were;
Stephen said fuck a few times because he could before settling on Shit.
Melissa recounted her brothers new one, Hell Fucking You.
Hoechlin went with Fuck drawn out on a breath.
JR went with Cunty-Bollocks
Keahu, I can’t remember Keahu’s answer actually. Maybe someone else does?
Sinqua apparently isn’t a big swearer, which lead to some pretty hilarious impressions of Sinqua’s non-swearing displeasure in which Hoechlin accidentally whacked Keahu in the head with a mic
And Linden told us his non-swear word swear.

Overall it was a really amazing weekend and I am so so glad I managed to go. I always go to cons hoping to make friends but that rarely happens sadly, or at least no one wants to keep in touch more than a chat in line but I’m still glad I go and the experience was still so, so amazing.
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