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Wolf's Bane - Saturday

Wolf’s Bane actually turned out to be extremely good. I had very low expectations about the organisation due to all the horridness, difficulty and rudeness I experienced purchasing my ticket. I’m, so far, pleasantly surprised.

The morning started off nicely; I had to get auto tickets I forgot to get yesterday and in line I met two really nice women. We chatted to pass the time in the queue and then we went to the main hall for the start of the event together. There was a welcome and them a group panel.

The panel was really good; all the guests were really engaged and the questions were very good. During one of the questions Linden was talking about the Sheriff and maybe a love interest and JR said ‘why are you looking at me?’ Which cracked everyone up. JR asked if that was going to be the new fanfic and Keahu dubbed them Stargent.

Another highlight was when Linden said he hoped his character would keep his shirt on and the crowd boo’d. I concur!

After the panel was Hoechlin’s photo op, unfortunately I lost my new friends. Hoechlin was so lovely and smiley with everyone. Such a sweetheart.

So I just went back to the main hall to grab a seat for Sinqua, Keahu and Stephen’s panel.

And omg, it was such a great panel! The boys were so funny and it was just so entertaining. There were some adorable moments when Sinqua looked a bit lost in the sheer geekery Stephen and Keahu exuded. So that was a really good Q&A. I liked when someone asked what Hogwarts houses their characters would be in; Stephen immediately said Matt is a Slytherin, no question (fun fact, Stephen himself is a Gryffindor) Keahu seemed unsure when he answered with Gryffindor for Danny, I’m not too convinced about that though; from what we know of Danny, I think the consensus is Ravenclaw, yes?

And poor Sinqua was forced to admit that he’s never seen the movies (and I’m presuming read the books either) and with the collective shocked noises in the room, the other boys we’re like, ‘dude, wrong crowd to admit that to!’ But there were several suggestions from the audience and I agree with the one settled on that Boyd would be a Hufflepuff.

After that I got a photo with Keahu and Sinqua each (and a hug from Sinqua! He’s very nice to hug)

And then was the panel Hoechlin & JR had together. Those two are hilarious with each other, JR has a dirty mind and is still learning the art of shipping.

I missed a lot of the rest because I went to get a photo with Linden Ashby & Melissa Ponzio. I got a double with them because I wanted Mama McCall & Sherrif Stilinski in one.

I caught the tail end of JR & Hoechlin’s talk and the Linden & Melissa panel was next. Again another great Q&A, and it seems Melissa/Sheriff is on the cards. They didn't say so of course, but it came up, plus the other times its come up before *cough*posey*cough* I’m pretty excited about that.

After that it was picking up photos and autograph lines. I didn’t get my autographs because I didn't have all my photos ready, so I’ll get them tomorrow.
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